Important Pressible Notice

Pressible will shut down permanently on October 7th, 2019. Until then, you can preserve your existing content by using the Import/Export tools in the Pressible Dashboard. Migrating a Pressible site is the same as migrating any WordPress site. Migration tips: Exporting site content results in an XML file that contains all test-based content. This file can be uploaded to another Wordpress site. When Importing a site, you are given the option to migrate Media (i.e., images). This is an automated way to preserve your image library. This will no longer be possible after October 7, 2019. A few Pressible features do not migrate, including: the Pressible …

The Library on Rhizr

Last month EdLab launched the next version of Rhizr. Whatever you set out to learn, Rhizr has the tools to help you manage the information most important to you. Create notes, curate resources, organize your content, and share your knowledge with the world. As an EdLab application, Teachers College alumni can continue to use Rhizr after graduating for free.

The Future of Publishing

Ready for the summer? Keep publishing, keep reading. The past, present, and future are all on Pressible. Expect an exciting update to EdLab's other content curation platform this summer.

Warming up with Pressible

Global warming is cold! But Publishing on Pressible is hot. Authoring a multi-author Pressible site with your group, team, or colleagues is a great way to try out a new, collaborative idea. Check out our native tutorials on familiarizing yourself with Pressible's publishing features, and how to optimize a pressible site for your TC program. Every site begins its life in this humble but robust state.

Spend the Holidays with Pressible

The pumpkins might be gone, but the holidays are just heating up on Pressible... Check out Teacher Ed News by Dwight Manning. Take a course on Anti-Racist Curriculum, Pedagogy, Leadership and Policy. Learn about TC's Lawrence Cremin from Jennifer Govan. It's never too early to celebrate!

Try Blogging This Fall

Tired of all the unproductive social media drivel in your life? Try blogging. Pressible is a publishing platform that makes blogging easy, and it might be a productive addition to your life! Pressible is great for a solo effort or an experiment with a multi-author site. Every site is started by someone at Teachers College, but open to outside collaborators as well. Plus, you can visit the TC library services desk for Pressible tips & tricks (and check out their Pressible site, Learning at the Library). Have a great semester!

Publishing with Pressible in 2018!

On Twitter, @Pressible and @LibraryTC retweet mentions. For original content, the Pressible team recommends our related efforts at @NLTTC (news), @Vialogues (video), and @TCRecord (research). With every Pressible post ready for Twitter and Facebook, let's keep the conversation going in 2018!

Tweeting with POTUS in 2017

On Twitter, @Pressible and @LibraryTC retweet mentions. For original content, the Pressible team recommends our related efforts at @NLTTC (news), @Vialogues (video), and @TCRecord (research). With every Pressible post ready for Twitter and Facebook, let's keep the conversation going in 2017!

The Art of Pressible

Publishing on Pressible is an opt-in activity for individuals or groups, with a Tumbler-like ability to easily share content across sites. On Art @ TC for example, library staff share content from across Pressible's 500+ sites that is related to art-related events, activities, and resources on campus. Add this site to your favorite RSS reader to keep up! Pressible is a Wordpress-powered publishing network hosted by the Gottesman Libraries for the exclusive use of the Teachers College community and its collaborators far and wide. Reach out to library staff via a Support Request to learn more!

The Medium is Pressible

Why use Pressible? When Gottesman Libraries' staff consult on publishing projects, we don't recommend using Pressible because someone wants to start a blog. Rather, we hope it's the network effect of publishing alongside others' similar work that has made Pressible especially appealing since its launch in 2010. Then along came Ev Williams' Medium, and now Medium has Bright, a curated selection of Medium articles focused on education. Is Pressible still relevant? It's helpful to think of Pressible as a local-but-still-networked version of Bright: a place to "easily write and share a story without the setup, overhead, or commitment level of starting a blog" (from <a …

Spring Forward… with Pressible!

Do you tweet? Pressible does. (Sort of.) TC library staff tend to do more active social sharing at @NLTTC, @Vialogues, @EdLabTC, @ArchivalRevival, and @LibraryTC. With every Pressible post ready to post to your Twitter and Facebook account at the touch of a button, let's keep the conversation going!

A New Year of Pressible

Welcome back, Teachers College students and faculty. Spring term is underway, and developing your work on Pressible could be a great way to share your work in 2015! As always, Pressible is a platform for you, your group, your class, or your professional collaborators to build a blog-centric home for your work on the web. Each Pressible site functions as a templated Wordpress site — it's ready for your written and media content. Site administrators can organize the site's structure a bit, and editors can manage content. In short, using Pressible is a great way to develop your editorial voice, and …

Pressible upgrade II

Pressible is performing the second upgrade! We are adopting a much faster server engine and upgrading the system to the latest Wordpress version. What does this mean for Pressible site Administrators and Authors? Starting mid-day on Monday, November 24th, your Pressible site will be read-only for about 2 hours. By 5PM the site will be back and nothing is required on your side. We are very sorry for this interruption of your ability to create content. Please reach out to us via a Library Support Request if you have any questions or concerns: Thanks for your understanding. - The Pressible …

Pressible is getting an upgrade

Pressible is getting an upgrade! Pages will soon load much faster. With 486 sites and thousands of posts, Pressible service has slowed down a bit over the past four years as our databases have grown. We're excited to fix that problem. What does this mean for Pressible site Administrators and Authors? Starting mid-day on Monday, October 20th, your Pressible site will be read-only for at least 4 hours, and possibly up to 24 hours. The high estimate is due to the propagation of the new DNS configuration throughout the Internet—sites will be accessible from most U.S. locations in 4-8 hours. …

An Update on Commenting

As we recently noted, we are working to reduce the impact of spam comments across the Pressible network. If you're a Pressible Author or Site Administrator, here's a change to Pressible you should note: As of Wednesday, August 13th (2014), the default "Discussion Settings" have been updated so that users must be registered and logged in to comment. For the past four years, users did not need to be signed in to Pressible sites to comment; entering your name and email was sufficient. We made this change now because our spam-control utility (Akismet) cannot keep up with the …

A Note on Comment Spam

The Pressible Team is aware of the increase in spam comments in 2014 (and the particularly bad spikes this week and back in May). We are currently evaluating and implementing ways to fight back and keep spam at a minimum while maintaining as much of our current feature set as possible. Comment spam is a feature of the larger Wordpress community and, of course, the web at large. Like many publishing communities, we want to make Pressible sites easy to interact with—by authors and readers. We are trying to balance the opposing challenges of "comment moderation" and "spam moderation." Until …

Coolest New Content

We're always excited to see creativity emerge from the editorial process on Pressible sites. A new site, A is for Education, looks like it's off to great start—and appears to be the work of the Pressible power author, Chris Moffett. A Pressible author, Steve Welsh, on this site also introduced himself on his own site with a great bio-post. Thanks for adding your content to the network everyone!

How is pressible being used?

Many different groups, departments and individuals have created websites on Pressible. There are currently 392 sites on the Pressible blogging network and 3042 users. It's interesting to take a look at the different ways that Pressible is being used. The TC Elementary Inclusive Education program uses Pressible to make announcements to students and faculty. Typical announcements include job opportunities, news on workshops and registration information. Another great example of how a program can easily communicate important information through its Pressible site is the TESOL & Applied Linguistics blog. The department of Arts & Humanities has a great series of blog …

The World’s First Online Time Capsule

If you’ve enjoyed celebrating TC’s first 125 years, why not get started on the next round? TC’s Gottesman Libraries is inviting all members of the TC community – faculty, students, staff and alumni—to contribute stories, papers, emails, photos, videos, links to sites you want to share, and practically anything else that can be digitized for inclusion in the TC 125 Digital Time Capsule. Billed as “the world’s first online time capsule,” the Capsule will be hosted on PocketKnowledge, TC’s institutional archive, as a history of the College intended for future researchers, historians and anyone with a passion for education.  Following …

125 Years

Teachers College is celebrating 125 years. A  wide range of interesting activities has been organized to celebrate this momentous occasion. Anniversaries encourage feelings of nostalgia and this anniversary is a great excuse to take some time to look back on all that Teachers College has accomplished and some of the prominent figures who helped shape the college. The pressible site 'Teachers College: A Glimpse of the Past' will help you learn about Teachers College's history. While it is important to look back on the history of Teachers College the 125th anniversary is also a time to appreciate where we …