Welcome to the 2012-2013 school year!

Welcome to the 2012-2013 school year!

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Written by beccavanderjagt.

Harlem Ivy strives to offer programs that will expand the minds of its students and provide opportunities for academic, social, and intellectual growth. Take a look at some of the programs that are running this school year to get excited about Harlem Ivy! Digital Storytelling: People have told stories for a long time, but the way these stories are told has changed a lot. While storytelling used to be limited to just talking or writing things down, now people can tell stories through movies, TV shows, and even using the Internet! Students who participate in digital storytelling will learn to turn a personal story into an exciting, multimedia production. Using a computer, students will write a story and then use pictures, art, music, and sound effects to enhance the narrative. Bridging School Transitions: We know change can be tough, but Harlem Ivy tries to make the jump from middle school to high school easier by helping students prepare for their futures. In this program, students will get a chance to think about their future goals and start down the path to accomplishing their dreams! Students will learn helpful time management and social skills and develop healthy study habits that will prepare them for new school environments. Workshops will also be offered that address some of the challenges that students will face in high school and college. These workshops will include “FAFSA Application Night,” “What I Wish I Knew: Stories from Successful Upper Level Students,” and “CoPilots: Who is Along for My Ride?” Health Literacy: Healthy bodies mean healthy minds, so we make sure health literacy is fun. Through the Health Literacy programs, Harlem Ivy teaches students and their families what they can do to make sure their bodies and minds are ready to learn. Harlem Ivy partners with the health literacy programs Healthy Schools Healthy Families, EarthFriends, and Hip Hop Public Health to teach students how to make healthy choices regarding their nutrition, hygiene, and exercising habits. At the EarthFriends Learning Laboratory at Teachers College, students will get to cook and eat a meal made with local plants and the Hip Hop Public Health program offers multimedia productions and events that students will love. Teachers College Performing Arts Series: It’s never too early to talk to students about what’s going on in the world beyond their neighborhood. This program invites elementary school students to the Columbia University campus to attend opera, theater, and music productions that address a range of topics such as immigration, social justice, and history. Bridge lessons are also provided by Teachers College to help students connect with what they saw. By giving students an opportunity to learn about the problems our world is encountering, educators can inspire them to work towards solving some of them. After all, they may have the answers to some of the questions that our world governments face! Service Learning: There are a lot of ways to learn. Some students are motivated to learn when they are helping out their communities, which is what the Service Learning program is all about! Students will get to design their own Service Activity that has the potential to help the community grow and thrive. By participating in this hands-on learning activity, students will have fun, help their communities, and expand their own knowledge, skills, and relationships all at the same time! STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are the perfect school subjects for students who like to imagine our future world and hope to help create it! Harlem Ivy’s STEM programs give students an opportunity to strengthen their skills in these areas by building LEGO robots that are controlled by NXT controllers, using Scratch to create video-games, and animating websites with Flash technology. Be sure to check back regularly to watch our programs as they progress and to learn more about Harlem Ivy!

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