Who’s reading “Learning at the Library?”

Who’s reading “Learning at the Library?”

Reposted from All About Data Visualization.

Written by Brian Hughes.

The Pressible Team regularly reviews site analytics for the Pressible network. Often we look at snapshots of site traffic like the image below. This example – data from a month of traffic on the Learning at the Library site – shows the distribution of traffic sources (where a visiter to the site came from). As you can see, it's a pretty interesting mix. Speculation: It easy to think that the 30% of direct traffic came from the authors of the site. Interestingly, another 28% of traffic came from other locations on the Pressible network (we call this the "network bump"). Lastly, 27% came from Google searches, which is great, because ultimately we are positioning content on the network to have a great "organic" search ranking (it's position in unpaid search results, as opposed to AdWords, etc.). We're always looking for new ways to analyze this kind of data, so let us know if you have any favorite strategies!

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