a proposed solution for attribution issues

a proposed solution for attribution issues

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Written by Julia Martin.

So for the last few years of rapid fire sharing abilities the attribution of photos and other digital materials has been an issue. The Curator's Code is a proposed solution to this offering a bookmarklet and buttons to provide either a "via" or a "hat tip" attribution to your shared materials. I put these in my bookmarks bar last week and have yet to use them , so I will try them here. According to the instructions I can just paste it into any text field. This is the Via: and This is the Hat Tip Both of the above are linked back to the Curators Code website, because in this moment, that's an appropriate attribution, but you can go Previous Shelfless Posts about Attribution:

  1. http://shelfless.pressible.org/juliawm/how-to-credit-via-designsponge
  2. http://shelfless.pressible.org/juliawm/boo-oom-photo-attribution
  3. http://shelfless.pressible.org/juliawm/publishing-panic

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