Pressible is a publishing platform built on WordPress, the open source, super-flexible publishing application. We like WordPress because it allows us to design great new features that make Pressible unique, networked, and highly dynamic. We think you’ll like WordPress because it’s easy-to-use and has a huge network of users.

You add the content, we do the rest. Pressible is designed to organize and feature your content in an intuitive, browsable way. That means all users have to do is post! No static pages to update, no hierarchies to create. The structure of your site emerges from the content you add–the more you post, the more sophisticated and interconnected your site becomes.

Publishing isn’t always chronological. Blogs don’t fit all publishing needs, and websites can be expensive to create and cumbersome to update. That’s why the structure of Pressible sites isn’t simply chronological or static. Easy as a blog, elegant as a professional website: that’s Pressible.