I've been thinking a lot about vision and opportunity this week. With that in mind I would like you to consider the readings and web links in terms of developing a vision for your future program. We are all likely to have ensembles of one sort or another to work with - what should be our vision for them? What purpose should they serve? For students? For the community? For us? Bazan reminds us that student-directed instruction is far from the norm. We've struggled with this notion, but how to articulate in a vision for the program/curriculum? El Sistema and the West-Eastern Divan have very clear missions, but use a rather narrow slice of repertoire. Does Tchaikovsky work equally well in Caracas, Ramallah, and New York City? Regardless, Zander would see "Visions of Possibility" in their attempts at bridging divides and fostering respect and dignity. How do we do the same on a much smaller scale in our classrooms? What is the power of music as a medium to achieve this and how do we harness this force to empower our students? Lastly, how do we confront the inevitable resistance to the "downward spiral" and build capacity to embrace possibility?