A little about me

A little about me

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Allow me to introduce myself - I'm Steve! It's always a little daunting commodifying oneself and one's interests, so why don't I try to present myself through a few different lenses...

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Academic Me

I'm a third-year educational doctorate (Ed.D.) student in communications (CCTE). I get really excited by communication and media theorists like McLuhan, Castells, Foucault, Innis, (Benedict) Anderson, and Adorno. I'm also very interested in linguists like Chomsky and philosophers who deal with the problems of language, like Wittgenstein. In my remaining time at TC, I'm interested in learning more about instructional design, curriculum design, education policy, and thinking more about how educational institutions of the future can best leverage the affordances of new technology to deliver meaningful individualized education. I'm thinking on doing my dissertation research on the history of the early academic web - kind of a taxonomy and theoretical overview of significant early projects (like Fathom, Studyplace, and a number of Columbia's early multimedia study environments), and the lessons we can learn from these early online learning environments, most of which are nowadays inaccessible. Before entering my program here at TC, I was a master's student at Columbia in Middle East studies. I studied the history of the modern Middle East, and Islamic history. I also enjoy studying/dabbling in languages. (French and Arabic primarily, but I can have fun embarrassing myself in Danish, Spanish, and Italian) What can I say, my interests are broad!

Professional Me

In my professional life, I'm an educational technologist at the Language Resource Center, here at Columbia. I work with all language faculty at Columbia to rethink the integration of technology in their curriculum, and I help coordinate the sharing of best practices in language pedagogy across departments. One of the more interesting projects (relative to our course) I work on at the LRC is the Shared Course Initiative, which enables students at Yale, Cornell, and Columbia to share instruction of less-commonly-taught languages. Prior to that, I worked for six years at the Center for New Media Teaching and Learning, where I worked under my former mentor and advisor, the recently-deceased TC firebrand Frank Moretti. Prior to working in academia, I worked at a tiny company called Apple Computer for several years, and RCA Records for four years before that. It was these formative professional experiences in the crosshairs of capitalism that sent me running back to the academy!

Musical Me

In one of my former lives, I was a jazz musician (specifically - a saxophonist). My undergraduate studies at the University of Miami were in jazz performance, after which I toured the country for two years.  I still play music, but I long ago gave up relying on it for economic sustenance. (Oh, the life of the tortured artist...) If you click "play" on the video below, you can see me getting down at the Montreal Jazz Fest a few years ago with a (Miami-based) band I've been playing with for about 15 years. click here to launch

Social Me

I'm a very social guy online, feel free to find me on Facebook, or Twitter (@SteveDotEdu), where I tweet exhaustively about educational technology, net neutrality, and general academic hijinx.

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