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Spend the Holidays with Pressible

The pumpkins might be gone, but the holidays are just heating up on Pressible... Check out Teacher Ed News by Dwight Manning. Take a course on Anti-Racist Curriculum, Pedagogy, Leadership and Policy. Learn about TC's Lawrence Cremin from Jennifer Govan. It's never too early to …
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Staff Picks: 2018 Award-Winning Children’s Books to Read Again and Again

Reposted from Learning at the Library.

Written by Rachel Altvater.

The highest accolade that a piece of children's literature can receive is a chorus of voices shouting "Again! Again!" when the story is finished. Measuring what …

Sustainability at TC survey

Dear TC students, I am sure you have heard, but the Introduction to Environmental & Sustainability Education class at ITSF is conducting a survey as …

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