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We're always excited to see creativity emerge from the editorial process on Pressible sites. A new site, A is for Education, looks like it's off to great start—and appears to be the work of the Pressible power author, Chris Moffett. …
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A little about me

Reposted from Steve Welsh.

Written by Steve Welsh.

Allow me to introduce myself - I'm Steve! It's always a little daunting commodifying oneself and one's interests, so why don't I try to present …

O is for Oedipus

Reposted from A is for Education.

Written by Chris Moffett.

The psychoanalyst became the carrier of Oedipus, the great agent of antiproduction in desire. The same history as that of Capital, with its enchanted, “miraculated” …

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  • Splitting Skulls

    "Splitting Skulls is my space for making forays into the ways Education shows up in our lives. Encountering it everywhere, we often have difficulty seeing what it is, what it might be..."
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